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Jenny Askew
Jenny Askew Founder and CEO

Our Story

The Nutrition Clinic for Digestive Health began in January 2012 as Balance Fitness and Nutrition. The business was built on a dream for a life of freedom and purpose. This dream was fueled by Jenny Askew’s Honda Accord, endless energy, and determination.

Jenny began building the company while working full-time at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She managed to fit in clients before work, after work, and even on Saturdays. Jenny drove all around the Atlanta area, seeing clients in their homes.

As she worked with clients, it became clear that health is about more than calories and exercise. Jenny discovered how much diet quality matters and how integral real food is to health. She became fascinated with the ability of food to solve health problems for so many of her clients. She then decided to pursue training in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy.

During this time, her clientele began to build, and her husband began to miss her (after all, she was never home). It became clear that it was time to dive into her private practice full-time. In July of 2014, Jenny made the jump and opened a full-time office in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company has been going strong ever since and continues to grow and develop more each year.

In August of 2017, Jenny and her husband had their first child. Jenny hired dietitians (former interns she trusted and dearly loved) to keep things running while she was on maternity leave. Upon returning from leave, Jenny decided to keep the dietitians who were covering for her on staff. This allowed for a better work-life balance and further growth of the company.

You can learn more about Jenny by clicking here. 

Meet our team of registered dietitians

We’re honored that you’re considering working with us! Here are a few things about our practice and team that make us really proud.

  • Everyone on staff is a registered and licensed dietitian. Together, we’ve got over 30 years of combined experience working in the wellness industry!
  • We use a team approach for improved outcomes. We have multiple dietitians on staff, each bringing different specialties to the table. We meet each week as a team to consult on client cases, so even though you will be working with just one of us, you get the benefit of multiple dietitians working on your case.
  • After completing traditional dietetics education, we’ve all pursued additional training in integrative and functional nutrition. Whether working with an individual or consulting for a large corporation, we’re passionate about utilizing the principles of functional nutrition to help our clients achieve optimal wellness.
  • We’ve got relationships with an extensive network of healthcare practitioners. We’re well established in the Atlanta area and have a close network of physicians, therapists, and dentists we work with regularly. This is really nice for clients needing referrals for labs or additional consulting on cases.
  • We have the most extensive experience using LEAP/MRT food sensitivity testing in the Atlanta area. Since we started using this testing in 2013, we’ve changed the lives of hundreds of people.
  • Our virtual capabilities allow us to work with just about anyone. Both in-office and virtual appointments are available.

Jenny Askew, MS, RD, ACSM-EP

Founder + CEO

Taylor Moree, RD

Nutrition Counselor +Writer

Rachel Silva MS, RD

Nutrition Counselor

Barbara Richardson

Corporate Wellness Events

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What our clients are saying…

The Nutrition Clinic was exactly what I was looking for to help me address some complicated health issues. I was dealing with parasites, SIBO, and incredibly underweight. 

I had no idea where to start to address all the health issues and weight loss. I also tend to be a workaholic and let my personal health go; so I knew I would need accountability to stick with any treatment plan.

Rachel was fantastic! Her approach was holistic and thorough. She put together a plan that was doable and broke things down into manageable steps. She was very supportive throughout the entire process.

I was so impressed with the results and am beyond thankful to be feeling better! This was the best investment I made in 2021 (and bonus points, now my partner who was at first skeptical wants to work with a nutritionist too!)

T.R. – former client

More success stories…

Could not speak more highly about my experience here. I’ve recommended Rachel to all my friends and family and we have all seen great results with a variety of different issues. Personally I have seen major improvement in my gut health and I’m so happy that I found Rachel! I’m looking forward to continuing to work on different things and keep improving my health. Everyone at the clinic is extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions/deep dive into any concerns. I am a customer for life!


Taylor is truly gifted in reading her clients and listening to their needs. She has given me the resources I need to get back on track with eating in a way that my body responds beautifully to. She is extremely knowledgeable and easily answers all questions. I love that she has given me the tools to help balance my hormones through nutrition, and understands how to get me to my goals in a way that motivates me without me having to count or track anything. Thank you so much Taylor! 🙂

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