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A personalized approach to an anti-inflammatory diet.

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Trying an elimination diet on your own can be a lonely and bumpy road

Sure, you may start to feel better…but are you sure you have correctly identified all the food(s) that were causing your problems? Do you feel better, but still not your best….even though you are only eating like five foods??

Or maybe you saw another health care practitioner, and they tested you for sensitivities or allergies…and all you left the office with was a piece of paper giving you a list of foods to avoid. So frustrating and stressful! What are you supposed to eat!?

And then there’s the social aspect…do you really want to try to explain to your friends that you don’t think you can eat the kale salad they’re serving because you’re convinced (well, you’re pretty sure you’ve finally pinpointed the fact that)…KALE is causing your migraines! Or wait…maybe it was something in the dressing on the kale salad you ate last week that caused your migraine…

It’s time to stop guessing about your diet and start knowing

Since 2013, we’ve successfully guided hundreds of patients through elimination diets using LEAP MRT Testing.

You’ll learn exactly what foods in your diet are causing inflammation by completing a simple blood test.

We then lead you through a personalized anti-inflammatory diet based on your bloodwork results.

Our typical LEAP MRT client feels 50% better in just two weeks!

Here’s why we love the LEAP MRT Test

1. The MRT test looks at both foods + chemicals

2. We work with you to LIBERALIZE your diet as much as possible! Say goodbye to the days of eating five foods that you “think make you feel okay…maybe,” and get with us!

3. We focus on what you CAN eat. As dietitians and true foodies, we’re great at getting creative with limited ingredients. Plus, we’ve been doing this test for years, so we’ve worked with literally hundreds of sets of test results and are familiar with the foods and possibilities that can come with them.

4. And perhaps, most importantly, the LEAP MRT Test is the most accurate form of testing available for non-IgE mediated food sensitivities. These reliable test results take the guesswork out of which foods or chemicals may be causing your symptoms and allow us to help you feel better faster.

What’s included in this program

Dedicated one-on-one support

Functional lab testing

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Sample LEAP MRT Test Results

Remember, your test results will be based on your bloodwork, so your test results will differ. Below is a downloadable version of sample LEAP MRT Test results.

What foods and chemicals are tested on the LEAP MRT food sensitivity test?

Below is an alphabetized list of foods and chemicals tested on the LEAP MRT food sensitivity test.

AlmondClamLeekRed kidney beanChemicals:
American cheeseCoconutLentilRooibos teaAspartame
AppleCodfishLettuceRosemaryBenzoic acid
ApricotCoffeeLima beanRyeCaffeine
AsparagusCollagen (Beef)LimeSageCandida albicans
AvocadoCoriander seedMangoSalmonCapsaicin
BananaCornMaple syrupScallionFD&C Blue #1
BarleyCottage cheeseMilletScallopFD&C Blue #2
BasilCow’s milkMung beanSesame seedFD&C Green #3
BeefCrabMushroomShrimpFD&C Red #3
BeetCranberryMustard (seed)SoleFD&C Red #4
Bell pepperCucumberNavy beanSoybeanFD&C Red #40
Black beanCuminNutmegSpeltFD&C Yellow #5
Black pepperDateOatSpinachFD&C Yellow #6
BlueberryDillOliveStrawberryFructose (HFCS)
Bok choyEgg whiteOnionSunflower seedIbuprofen
BroccoliEgg yolkOrangeSweet potatoLecithin (soy)
Brussels sproutsEggplantOreganoTamarindMSG
BuckwheatFlax seedPapayaTapiocaPhenylethylamine
Butternut squashGarbanzo beanPaprikaTeaPolysorbate 80
CabbageGarlicParsleyTilapiaPotassium nitrate
Cane sugarGingerPeachTomatoPotassium nitrite
CantaloupeGoat’s milkPeanutTunaSaccharin
CardamomGrapePearTurkeySalicylic acid
CarobGrapefruitPecanTurmericSodium metabisulfite
CarrotGreen beanPeppermintVanillaSodium sulfite
CashewGreen peaPineappleVenisonSolanine
CatfishHalibutPinto beanWalnutSorbic acid
Cayenne pepperHoneyPlumWheat
ChardHopsPumpkin (flesh)White potato 
Cheddar cheeseJalapeñoQuinoaYeast-bakers/brewers 
ChickenKamutRainbow troutZucchini 
A complete list of foods and chemicals tested on the LEAP MRT food sensitivity test

Additional resources for learning more about LEAP MRT Testing:

What our clients are saying…

I am so thankful for this life-changing journey I have been on for the past 6 months with Rachel at the Nutrition clinic.

They taught me so much about my body and the foods it does and does not like with the food sensitivity program.

I have seen a major change in how I feel with less inflammation, hurting, body stiffness, and for me most important a major decrease in gout attacks. Thank you, Rachel and The Nutrition Clinic!

W.M. – former LEAP client

More success stories…

Could not speak more highly about my experience here. I’ve recommended Rachel to all my friends and family and we have all seen great results with a variety of different issues. Personally I have seen major improvement in my gut health and I’m so happy that I found Rachel! I’m looking forward to continuing to work on different things and keep improving my health. Everyone at the clinic is extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions/deep dive into any concerns. I am a customer for life!


Taylor is truly gifted in reading her clients and listening to their needs. She has given me the resources I need to get back on track with eating in a way that my body responds beautifully to. She is extremely knowledgeable and easily answers all questions. I love that she has given me the tools to help balance my hormones through nutrition, and understands how to get me to my goals in a way that motivates me without me having to count or track anything. Thank you so much Taylor! 🙂


Your Investment


Save more than $370.00*

Here’s what’s included:

Support + guidance to help you figure out which foods are really causing problems:

  • A customized elimination diet based on your MRT test results
  • Three months of dedicated support, including appointments and email access to your personal dietitian
  • An invitation to our Facebook group for support along the way

Functional Nutrition Testing:

  • One MRT Food Sensitivity Test
    • Lab processing and overnight shipping and handling are included in our pricing.
    • Blood draws are not included in our pricing and typically cost $25-$35

*Savings compared to our regular rates. Program members enjoy sessions at discounted rates and lower prices on testing.

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